CAN I GET A REFUND OR EXCHANGE? I can’t give refunds because I have no guarantee that you will not be using the file. Be sure to see all the image examples to get an idea of how the preset will look on your own work before purchasing, since all sales are final!

WHAT PROGRAMS CAN I USE THE PRESETS WITH? When you purchase a preset, you receive two versions, one for Lightroom and one for Adobe Camera Raw.

WHAT TYPE OF FILES WILL THE PRESETS WORK ON? The presets are made for RAW files only, not JPGs.

HOW WILL I GET THE PRESET AFTER I BUY IT? You will receive an email with a link to download a zip file. It will include both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw versions of the presets. This download link will expire 24 hours after you click on it for the first time.

HOW MANY TIMES CAN I DOWNLOAD THE PRESET? You can download it one time from the link. The link expires 24hr after you click on it once, so be sure to save it and back it up! If you want the preset on your home computer and your laptop, you can install it on both after you download it.


WHERE CAN I SEE MORE EXAMPLES OF THE PRESETS? At my instagram account that's for photographers: @KatchSilvaPresets. And be sure to tag #KatchSilvaPresets to be featured!

WILL THE PRESETS WORK ON ALL MY PHOTOS? The presets are made to work across a variety of scenarios, but only for well lit & well exposed images. They're not meant to be a one-click fix, they’re meant to enhance tones in a properly exposed image.

WILL I NEED TO TWEAK THE PRESETS? We all shoot very differently and prefer different types of light, so for some lighting scenarios, you may have to tweak. Be sure to check out the editing video in the Katch Preset Guide for tips on editing and tweaking!

WHICH PRESETS DO YOU USE? All of my Wedding Work uses the Katch Wedding Pack. For my Personal Work I use all the rest.

DO THE PRESETS ADD GRAIN OR SHARPENING? The presets do not add sharpening or grain. For my own work, I add grain in Alien Skin Exposure.This grain has nothing to do with the presets, and is not added in any of the one-click galleries, so you can see the purest form of the preset.


If you have a question that is not listed above, feel free to email me at hello@katchsilva.com