CAN I GET A REFUND OR EXCHANGE? I can’t give refunds because I have no guarantee that you will not be using the file. Be sure to see all the image examples to get an idea of how the preset will look on your own work before purchasing, since all sales are final!

WHAT PROGRAMS CAN I USE THE PRESETS WITH? When you purchase a preset, you receive two versions, one for Lightroom and one for Adobe Camera Raw.

WHAT TYPE OF FILES WILL THE PRESETS WORK ON? The presets are made for RAW files only, not JPGs.

HOW WILL I GET THE PRESET AFTER I BUY IT? You will receive an email with a link to download a zip file. It will include both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw versions of the presets. You’ll also get a link to a document with install instructions. This download link will expire 24 hours after you click on it for the first time.

HOW MANY TIMES CAN I DOWNLOAD THE PRESET? You can download it one time from the link. The link expires 24hr after you click on it once, so be sure to save it and back it up! If you want the preset on your home computer and your laptop, you can install it on both after you download it.


WHERE CAN I SEE MORE INSPIRATION, BEFORE AND AFTERS. BTS AND TIPS? Glad you asked! ;-) Come join me at my new instagram account geared specifically for photographers: @KatchSilvaPresets. I'll be sharing a whole lotta fun on it. And if you use the presets, be sure to tag #KatchSilvaPresets in your images to be featured!

WILL THE PRESETS WORK ON ALL MY PHOTOS? The presets are made to work across a variety of settings, but they will not look totally amazing on ALL images. Light and exposure are the most important steps towards a good photo. And remember, these presets are not meant to be a one-click fix for any image, they’re meant to enhance tones in a properly exposed image. Depending on the tones and light, you will have to tweak some aspects of course. Not every image will be perfect after just one-click. I have a helpful list below of things to keep in mind to tweak! Also, they’re made for RAW files, not JPGS!

WILL I NEED TO TWEAK THE PRESETS? You should. We all shoot very differently, expose very differently, and prefer different types of light. So don't expect a one-click edit for everything, with these or any presets. I have a helpful list at the bottom of suggested tweaks for each preset!

WHICH PRESETS DO YOU USE? I use a variety of presets, especially for my Editorial Work. Most of my Wedding Work last year used Katch 1 Preset as a base, and I tweak certain things depending on the light and tones in the image. The things I change often are contrast and slight changes to the HSL settings. I'm now working on a new set of presets I use for weddings and couple work, they'll be available soon!

DO THE PRESETS ADD GRAIN OR SHARPENING? The presets do not change sharpening, so you can adjust that however you like. They keep grain at zero, because I don’t add grain in Lightroom. Some of the featured photos on this website have added grain in Alien Skin Exposure, a process I do for all my photos after Lightroom. This grain has nothing to do with the presets, and is not added in any of the one-click galleries, so you can see the purest form of the preset.

WHAT SETTINGS CAN I EXPECT TO CHANGE TO TWEAK THE LOOK FOR MY OWN PHOTOS? The basics are exposure and white balance. Once those are nailed down, the most common changes happen in contrast and HSL, to cater towards the tones in your image. Here are a few tips to get you started on some of the presets that have more specific tones:

Katch 1 - I often change the saturation of the greens and oranges, and sometimes yellows, for different landscapes. For different skn types, especially very fair skin, its important to change the luminance of the oranges to fit the skin and light. I often decrease orange luminance. This preset also has very desaturated greens and yellows to begin with, so if you want an extra pop, add a little saturation there!

Katch 3 - To get creamy skin tones, be sure to warm up the image. In forests or woods with a lot of green, you may need to make adjustments to the saturation and hue of the greens.

Katch 4 - The initial base after clicking the preset on will look very cool (temperature), so you’ll likely need to make it warmer, and move the tint closer to magenta. If you shot in low contrast light, you’ll want to increase contrast some.

Katch 5 - The BW preset is pretty contrasty, so if you shot in very contrasty or directional light, you’ll need to account for that when editing.

Katch 6 - Is meant for higher contrast situations, like harsh sunny shadows. If you shot in low contrast light, you’ll need to make adjustments for a better look.

Katch 8 - This preset brings out magenta tones, so you might need to adjust the HSL sliders for reds and orange, especially for skin tones. But once you get it down, it can bring out that creamy goodness in those skin tones!

If you have a question that is not listed above, feel free to email me at hello@katchsilva.com